After completing our original Cabin home, our oldest daughter got engaged.  She and her husband asked if it was possible for them to be married in our field, overlooking the valley.  We were happy to do this and the wedding and marriage have been a huge blessing to our family.  After the wedding, photos went up on Facebook, of course, as this is the way things are done now.  Almost immediately our daughter received messages asking where this venue was located.  Her reply was “this is not a venue, it’s my Mom and Dad’s home.”  It didn’t take us very long to figure out that we had something very special.

Each time we heard new comments, the idea for Weddings at Cabin Bluff became a bigger thought in our minds. When our youngest daughter got engaged a year later and wanted to have a barn wedding, our search for barns began.  With each stop and each venue we learned things that just did not fit our daughter’s vision of what she wanted in not only a venue, but in a service.  So, we decided to incorporate Weddings at Cabin Bluff and to build a barn to serve as a wedding venue.  The barn was actually finished the day before her wedding and we celebrated their marriage in October of 2016.  We feel our property is unlike any other, as our barn and field are steps from each other and provide multiple options for weddings and you still have the amazing views!

We now have added two sons to our family and our girls and boys are both an active and vital part of Weddings at Cabin Bluff.  From assisting with weddings and planning, to cutting grass and setting up, we are all involved in making certain that your wedding day will be both memorable and special.

We have over 30 years’ experience in the medical meetings industry.  Now we have taken that experience and are applying it to making your day memorable.  We offer a multitude of services and have preferred vendors that are happy to serve you as well.  We always knew we wanted to be flexible enough that people could take advantage of our property, and understand you may want to utilize your own vendors.  We offer the flexibility for you to make your day your own.

If you are looking for a venue to host parties, family gatherings, or any other celebration, Weddings at Cabin Bluff is the place for you!  We would love to help you plan your wedding or special event.  Please consider contacting us for pricing and appointments.  We are conveniently located five miles outside of historic Springville, Alabama.

We consider ourselves to be very blessed to wake up each day and enjoy what God has blessed us with.  We hope you and your family enjoy the view and your time at Cabin Bluff and His Blessings as well.